Kingswear Swords meets in Kingswear Hall

every Thursday from 7pm  – 9pm


The weapon we usually use is the Epee, the duelling sword. There are few rules and the target is everything. This is as near to legally fighting a duel as you can get.

It is a good form of exercise as it happens in short bursts (HIIT) and you do it at your own speed even if your opponent is being energetic, all you have to do is be in the right place at the right time, old age and cunning can overcome youth and speed! At Kingswear swords we cater for all ages. At our last informal competition the youngest was 15 and the oldest 84!


Equipment is provided and individual tuition is given. There are no formal courses and after a short introductory lesson and safety briefing you will be fighting, as that is the only way you really learn.


Our two juniors have started to enter into county competitions and, so far, have been getting good results, we have had the Devon under 15 champion.

Fencing is a quite friendly sport and it is usual to discuss with your opponent after a fight what went right and what didn’t.  No one is invincible, if you are fencing perfectly then you cannot lose, the only way you can be hit is if you make a mistake so the only person to blame when you lose a fight is yourself. In fencing you are never beaten you lose!


Why not come along and give it a try


Please contact Alan Payne on 01803 752340, 07971 887874

or email to for further information